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Travel: Plan spontaneously

Going to new places, seeing some new things for the first time, trying out some new things in life; its what I like when I travel. No matter where you go, try and be spontaneous in your planing. Don't try to make every minute planed out, try going with the flow, just enjoy the ride. Life is full of surprises. My suggestion for a nice 2 week ...

[post not currently available]

Oh yeah! Mustang Mach is an amazing partner in every kind of road you want to take. The car is design very nicely and too attractive that you can already park it in front of a hotel so other people may see. I was planning on buying one in the near ...

Technology - Hardware: Patience pays out

Well, first you have to ask yourself how badly do you want it. If you can not wait and want to have it right away, sure; go spend your money on a cardboard box that even a kid can make on their own. But if you have patience, and can wait for few months or years; those things will be selling almost for free. So the real answer lies within you. How ...

Privacy - Surveillance: Reality check

If your phone has a microphone, a camera, a contact list, or any other thing that gives away your info and information on you and your life; trust me, you are being monitored for sure. And not just your phones but laptops, desktop computers, Play Stations, Xbox, or any technical device in your home that has input and output, its being used to ...

Internet Security: Not safe

I think no matter what the banks do (or any other institution for that matter), hackers will always be one step ahead of anyone. So this enhancement of SSL certificates will not bring much change to that. And making a domain .bank doesn't make any difference to hackers. If your system is connected to internet in any way, its in risk of being ...

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    • 09/24/16: 0.03046800 19iv2gKpsdbSuHFBSQa84fAtkY3sJi14Rt
    • 09/24/16: 0.00985132 19xa4VfcnbEQZusEacs5g37E3iR6TkTUoU
    • 09/24/16: 0.00368155 3FK8igKw98FvnwqZYvxGbkbcD8TuYJtuMm
    • 09/24/16: 0.00261517 15ZB8oEq3S9SMSwU5W3Untcbi78Lch6SNX
    • 09/24/16: 0.00198042 1AT9XUrcsQw7JnuunP6qvUEkhLmnty5cWv
    • 09/24/16: 0.00177730 31paceM1CnLb8wTLFzuxUzBSKS1LKJE7sa
    • 09/24/16: 0.00147262 1PmuSAJgj2a8JeSxdF3tZhayT16tFrG3Zp
    • 09/24/16: 0.00076170 1HL2WSg7Bqtfk119GnZb8Fsy5rRxmzPLYB
    • 09/24/16: 0.00063475 3JUHq5URKNgXpAjYwjNr4ypRdEVLKp1Ago
    • 09/24/16: 0.00048241 17Am3SLTCYemAm6S8mp5STCHDXypZe2qQL
    • 09/24/16: 0.00045702 1FMTHWqkzSf8oWv779HKBE4NntbVuVLaW7
    • 09/24/16: 0.00040624 1CZoGfj54htgMeGnW3Bqf3hdFYFMgPgnKh
    • 09/24/16: 0.00030468 1L8fSSR49qCrAgSwMa9tapTwmH9FEexzbb
    • 09/24/16: 0.00030468 1EjjMkxg3df1divKxrPdtHChSRwBtYRhkW
    • 09/24/16: 0.00020312 148CsKGZdMdzHoURzPYvuqNsxtNTKyHfdH
    • 09/24/16: 0.00020312 3LCnv7QSPcAKiKZRUXdSxa1yLLvBDptv61
    • 09/24/16: 0.00020312 16oyBUpuPtb9KcykD9LpKBtb646KrvRQL8
    • 09/24/16: 0.00020312 1Pkc3xfe6CLet69ajpZCanjfwn49LqhE22

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