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The estimated BTC Story Weekly Bonus is 1,209,364 Satoshi. The actual bonus will be the sum of the BTC Story Daily Drawing for each day during the week. The daily drawing value is computed each day based on the BTC/USD exchange rate.

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History: Found the tomb of Osiris

Discovered the tomb of Osiris in Egypt causes a barrage of enthusiasm among Egyptologists. He discovered it was the Spanish-Italian team of scientists within a still unknown graves. Found the statue of the god Osiris seated on the throne! Does this mean that he is in fact the right, the living entity as an alternative archaeologists say? In the ...

General: Have you ever earn a million of your currency?

I have a dream to be a millionaire, I want to own my own millions, I was once close to having a million when something came up and the money was spent on it. It's every ones dream to be called a millionaire. If you have a million how would you ...

History: New discoveries in the tomb of Pharaoh Seti

Discovered a new secret tomb of Pharaoh Seti! They found 175 meters long corridor leading from his tomb to another room. These ancient tombs do not cease to surprise us even today. Who knows what will be found there when they continued research. Otherwise Pharaoh Seti was the father of the famous pharaoh Ramses II, who was one of the most famous ...

How Good Are You On the Road when Driving?

Most people on the road knows how to drive well and gentle, while most people are every rough when driving on the road. Do you know how to Drive very well on the road? Are you gentle in driving or very rough when ...

(News Headlines): Sad: Police Arrest 9-year-old boy over a fight, after his mother fled

That is so unfair to the boy. That is so unconstitutional. They have no legal right to arrest an under age boy. They should have look for a better way to arrest the mother not putting an innocent child in police custody. That is illegal I ...
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BTC Story Daily Drawing: 11.90189606 BTC since 06/07/14, 1,150 actions.
07/24/17 0.00172400: 14nJC7Ki77EP8J6dS3WTdyQdL1o3JnEDrN
07/23/17 0.00172800: 3BEf89RJnMwmYAu7rvumURAemjKpVuxMb7
07/22/17 0.00173300: 386bLT3Verk7b9mQFo113sqvvNHqfskXCi
07/21/17 0.00204600: 14nJC7Ki77EP8J6dS3WTdyQdL1o3JnEDrN
07/20/17 0.00214000: 1Eetn1CiPRPQTPbUsASNniWEBcSYyGp9Lf
07/19/17 0.00224100: 3BEf89RJnMwmYAu7rvumURAemjKpVuxMb7
07/18/17 0.00249400: 15NBedCFByHKFWdLAgLzg8SHSESmqoMCSt

BTC Story Weekly Bonus: 7.25467410 BTC since 07/11/15, 1,741 actions.
03/18/17 0.00014490: 38ftny2dDojQtdCcpdqCH4JhahpJnACbs8
03/18/17 0.00099498: 3BEf89RJnMwmYAu7rvumURAemjKpVuxMb7
03/18/17 0.00515844: 14nJC7Ki77EP8J6dS3WTdyQdL1o3JnEDrN
03/18/17 0.00011592: 39iLmErt6C8x5THz5cUHBsbR1gj2gtLoGP
03/18/17 0.00053613: 16Qfa3Ek21uoj2oqkxqHiVhkCWioSUUP1d
03/18/17 0.00031395: 1L2csYAr8phpqMPN2AzJb8UU2aTnKCDSpf
03/18/17 0.00004830: 1FTK6a9CZYGZWUBav9rFCZXDK8Hi1afQT1
03/18/17 0.00021735: 19kTN6qCwxTBko9xVjvLbdJ2nUd54QQ1xq
03/18/17 0.00064239: 1MoYVzrecmJ4AeZEQn8aNEgMLcWiyqutwB
03/18/17 0.00035742: 3JUHq5URKNgXpAjYwjNr4ypRdEVLKp1Ago
03/18/17 0.00449190: 13YRyzay5rHsiBMVVBRfZnT6icFzwKKQHH
03/18/17 0.00005796: 1HEaFrj9iYe46zoYeWrZHFignQYUv4fZPL
03/18/17 0.00020286: 1S7GfVAveCWFCxMRepqH4EXs9cZ8ENRLE
03/18/17 0.00016905: 3B7iDUz7aCNYcyFGVFxZjkUSLrCAhog3yC
03/18/17 0.00024633: 3Enmv6ixGQdh6bwHLHcaRWWC2wWGythJuL
03/18/17 0.00134274: 14Q9dnEDCAUpBuV22hAe5CjfwrudKaMfWA
03/18/17 0.00007245: 1NZp1QFMJWbByvddwvjzTP18FoozKrbUnc
03/18/17 0.00129927: 31kEd4NitnV2Zb8ZUDUcPgG19nXNP1GsJS
03/18/17 0.00009660: 34C7YMYMdBmcJhK1tFjCd81uBWVKPJUU3u
03/18/17 0.00138621: 15FR7ynpuvrz9U6wQp4HJNFnJMM8eTWZDW
03/18/17 0.00114954: 386bLT3Verk7b9mQFo113sqvvNHqfskXCi
03/18/17 0.00119301: 15NBedCFByHKFWdLAgLzg8SHSESmqoMCSt
03/18/17 0.00032361: 32sAU9fmSnVhUCp7i1Z2dQqwiqqTZtoUoy
03/18/17 0.00104328: 16nEKbX4emt11Sq9AjJM3nmXn9UNaAcWRY
03/18/17 0.00046851: 1A6zFgRvE4oWZ5gt1u6KLW54xPfN3Seb2w
03/18/17 0.00016905: 1H3WfjLRh93RZ73ftbxwQvkDK7hJT32H3P
03/18/17 0.00021735: 3GxfrSfPCa51Dqv3jQz4iDxAJRK5kc3fGQ
03/18/17 0.00020286: 1DotVXkFH2AwhccpeQ2d4yY3ddYvkWhJPy
03/18/17 0.00060375: 31paceM1CnLb8wTLFzuxUzBSKS1LKJE7sa
03/18/17 0.00381570: 1Eetn1CiPRPQTPbUsASNniWEBcSYyGp9Lf
03/18/17 0.00146349: 1PfEY4yWchjiL8K2Hr8DWTgQu4ccABf91C
03/18/17 0.00042987: 1NWsSqTXFV3dENm8eRRiMnTnWQ34DXCEgM

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