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General: What is your favorite juice?

They say that it is healthier to drink orange juice than eat oranges. Freshly squeezed orange juice in combination with water much more quickly enters the bloodstream. Orange juice is full of vitamin C. Freshly squeezed juice should be drunk immediately after preparation. It is best to drink in the morning with breakfast. ...

General: Will you fall in love with an oversized person?

As the song by Meghan Trainor called "All About the Bass", it is about loving your own curve. As obvious, people nowadays looks for the body. Men prefer sexy women, while ladies prefer men with nice muscles and abs. Now the question is, is there any chance you will fall in love with an oversized person? If ever you did, would it be okay for you ...

Animals and Pets: Tiger

The tiger is the largest species in the family cats. Tigers can reach a length of up to 3.3 meters and weigh to 300 kilos Many subspecies of tigers or are endangered or already extinct. People are the main cause of this because the hunting destroying their habitats. Cubs leave their mother when they are about 2 years old. Tigers are good swimmers ...

Animals and Pets: Shark

Shark or sharks are fish of prey. Swim quickly and continuously, because unlike other rival they have no swim bladder. They can be long, even over twenty meters. Sharks are carnivores, but not all sharks bloodthirsty. Some are completely harmless. It is strange that they are harmless sharks exactly the ...

Animals and Pets: Dolphins

A large number of studies proved that the dolphins are extremely intelligent animals. They quickly learn new things, regardless of whether they grew up among people or in the wild. Dolphins are very intelligent animals, but also as people can be evil and ...

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BTC Story Daily Drawing: 11.55139100 BTC since 06/07/14, 1,029 actions.
03/26/17 0.00539600: 19iv2gKpsdbSuHFBSQa84fAtkY3sJi14Rt
03/25/17 0.00490900: 15NBedCFByHKFWdLAgLzg8SHSESmqoMCSt
03/24/17 0.00488500: 1A2A6irhWHmSdVwEZJKJLVBK2E6yTotc8G
03/23/17 0.00457300: 15wkyKAqjQMEW3dEZ8xUEcJu6A3dk11JMn
03/22/17 0.00458800: 31paceM1CnLb8wTLFzuxUzBSKS1LKJE7sa
03/21/17 0.00485500: 1MHje6HccJhC7667EGRu6WPUs1WaVYwtZz
03/20/17 0.00506000: 1Eetn1CiPRPQTPbUsASNniWEBcSYyGp9Lf

BTC Story Weekly Bonus: 6.90762107 BTC since 07/11/15, 1,326 actions.
03/18/17 0.00014490: 35iKnrgREu4wuDFf3vx1oL4dvE827PwSXU
03/18/17 0.00099498: 3BEf89RJnMwmYAu7rvumURAemjKpVuxMb7
03/18/17 0.00515844: 19iv2gKpsdbSuHFBSQa84fAtkY3sJi14Rt
03/18/17 0.00011592: 39iLmErt6C8x5THz5cUHBsbR1gj2gtLoGP
03/18/17 0.00053613: 35ryfzN9wxtR57tGNdLkJydriZ2S29k6Qz
03/18/17 0.00031395: 1L2csYAr8phpqMPN2AzJb8UU2aTnKCDSpf
03/18/17 0.00004830: 1FTK6a9CZYGZWUBav9rFCZXDK8Hi1afQT1
03/18/17 0.00021735: 19kTN6qCwxTBko9xVjvLbdJ2nUd54QQ1xq
03/18/17 0.00064239: 1MHje6HccJhC7667EGRu6WPUs1WaVYwtZz
03/18/17 0.00035742: 3JUHq5URKNgXpAjYwjNr4ypRdEVLKp1Ago
03/18/17 0.00449190: 1Eg67xmyjTCf9h9Pda8KTfXR5g5MANnj43
03/18/17 0.00005796: 1HEaFrj9iYe46zoYeWrZHFignQYUv4fZPL
03/18/17 0.00020286: 1S7GfVAveCWFCxMRepqH4EXs9cZ8ENRLE
03/18/17 0.00016905: 3B7iDUz7aCNYcyFGVFxZjkUSLrCAhog3yC
03/18/17 0.00024633: 3Enmv6ixGQdh6bwHLHcaRWWC2wWGythJuL
03/18/17 0.00134274: 14Q9dnEDCAUpBuV22hAe5CjfwrudKaMfWA
03/18/17 0.00007245: 1NZp1QFMJWbByvddwvjzTP18FoozKrbUnc
03/18/17 0.00129927: 15wkyKAqjQMEW3dEZ8xUEcJu6A3dk11JMn
03/18/17 0.00009660: 34C7YMYMdBmcJhK1tFjCd81uBWVKPJUU3u
03/18/17 0.00138621: 1A2A6irhWHmSdVwEZJKJLVBK2E6yTotc8G
03/18/17 0.00114954: 386bLT3Verk7b9mQFo113sqvvNHqfskXCi
03/18/17 0.00119301: 15NBedCFByHKFWdLAgLzg8SHSESmqoMCSt
03/18/17 0.00032361: 32sAU9fmSnVhUCp7i1Z2dQqwiqqTZtoUoy
03/18/17 0.00104328: 3QmoHD1w3FVnpy5WQjJmsi89JDqSE1HiQ4
03/18/17 0.00046851: 3QAvXNDGK4y16D2Qg6NbpQWjUsJNLaaHeT
03/18/17 0.00016905: 1H3WfjLRh93RZ73ftbxwQvkDK7hJT32H3P
03/18/17 0.00021735: 3LT7L73kjmv2ZnorTxiNNDEv45K9jZaavX
03/18/17 0.00020286: 1AWfUJXau2kc1P4t5KxdJtGG7HyjndedjG
03/18/17 0.00060375: 31paceM1CnLb8wTLFzuxUzBSKS1LKJE7sa
03/18/17 0.00381570: 1Eetn1CiPRPQTPbUsASNniWEBcSYyGp9Lf
03/18/17 0.00146349: 3HZUoXDNZgE5qbCPHLbb4kW1EXTsSvJoLx
03/18/17 0.00042987: 1Faf7RYuFNbVTj3KsMSwVFUNJDxkUFBfXf

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