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Pretty much all final fantasy games have periods of linear and open world parts. Usually FF are completely open world towards the end of the game. I can't really judge how the new final fantasy game is until I actually get to try it. ...

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Leeloo - was totally her Hottest character. I'm not taking anything away from her Alice character in the Resident Evil movies, those are Super hot, too. But the innocence of her character, just being born into the world with no knowledge of anything. How super strong she was in that movie was Se-xy! Yum - Best of all was that She Saved The ...

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    • 08/25/16: 0.00800000 19iv2gKpsdbSuHFBSQa84fAtkY3sJi14Rt
    • 08/24/16: 0.00800000 19iv2gKpsdbSuHFBSQa84fAtkY3sJi14Rt
    • 08/23/16: 0.00800000 1BiEv5jZKSnsnGEddbZXfJfgW8Ro5x5WhQ
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    • 08/21/16: 0.00800000 19iv2gKpsdbSuHFBSQa84fAtkY3sJi14Rt
    • 08/20/16: 0.01000000 19iv2gKpsdbSuHFBSQa84fAtkY3sJi14Rt
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    • 08/20/16: 0.05254956 19iv2gKpsdbSuHFBSQa84fAtkY3sJi14Rt
    • 08/20/16: 0.00309816 1HL2WSg7Bqtfk119GnZb8Fsy5rRxmzPLYB
    • 08/20/16: 0.00262152 3JUHq5URKNgXpAjYwjNr4ypRdEVLKp1Ago
    • 08/20/16: 0.00208530 148CsKGZdMdzHoURzPYvuqNsxtNTKyHfdH
    • 08/20/16: 0.00178740 1BiEv5jZKSnsnGEddbZXfJfgW8Ro5x5WhQ
    • 08/20/16: 0.00166824 1AT9XUrcsQw7JnuunP6qvUEkhLmnty5cWv
    • 08/20/16: 0.00166824 17Am3SLTCYemAm6S8mp5STCHDXypZe2qQL
    • 08/20/16: 0.00131076 1CZoGfj54htgMeGnW3Bqf3hdFYFMgPgnKh
    • 08/20/16: 0.00125118 1FMTHWqkzSf8oWv779HKBE4NntbVuVLaW7
    • 08/20/16: 0.00119160 31paceM1CnLb8wTLFzuxUzBSKS1LKJE7sa
    • 08/20/16: 0.00077454 12mzMDVGXFY4iNF8aBcY7CzdtZbqDpB25V

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